Plumbing Tools That Are Your Life Saver!

Here in this short article are 22 of the indispensable plumbing tools that you must own as novice plumber or as busy homeowner who is responsible for some of his/ her plumbing tasks. Plumbing is among those DIY (do-it-yourself) skills that are more often required for home improvement projects than professional plumbing services. Fortunately, most plumbers use very little machinery and usually not too much hand tools, so hopefully you won’t need to spend too much on these tools. Yet, at times it may be necessary to obtain your plumbing instruments and equipment by borrowing from your friends and relatives, visiting garage sales or even shopping online. Some of the basic plumbing tools that every emergency plumber northampton:

Pipes brushes -These simple tools can be really useful in clearing debris or bits of dirt that accumulate in your copper pipes. They come in various sizes, but the one that you choose will depend on the diameter of your copper pipes. Another tool that is absolutely necessary in any plumbing job is the plunger. This will open up clogs that might have accumulated in the pipes and ensure that proper water flow is achieved. It is advisable to buy stainless steel ones as they are easier to clean and last longer than their plastic counterparts. It is also better to invest in good quality brushes to avoid having to change the brushes often.

Pipe Wrench – A plumbing wrench is a must have tool in any plumbing job. The principle purpose of a pipe wrench is to tighten or loosen an abnormal joint that has developed inside the copper piping system. There are two types of pipe wrench available in the market namely the locking and non-locking variety. The locking type has a special mechanism that ensures that the pipe joint is firmly locked in place, while the non-locking one is simply a spring designed to open and close the wrench. It is important that the wrench you buy is durable and strong as it could be used to remove large deposits of dirt and grime from the joints.

Plumbing Knife – This plumbing tools has many advantages. Apart from being one of the important plumbing tools, it is also one of the cheapest and can easily be used in a number of plumbing issues. These knives work effectively on copper pipes and provide the users with great control over the diameter of the holes that need to be drilled.

Pipe Setter and Plumber’s Knife – Plumbing issues need a whole set of plumbing equipment and accessories and this includes plumbing knives. Various styles and brands of these pliers are available in the market and it is important that you get one that meets your plumbing needs perfectly. Among the different types of pliers available in the market, adjustable pipe wrench and the electric-powered ones are the two most popular varieties.

Pipe Snips – These plumbing tools are ideal for cutting small sections of pipes. The pipes that we use everyday form pipes to drainage pipes and other fixtures and hence these must be sharpened frequently. One can find many professional plumbing tools at local stores. While selecting the tools, you must decide the size that will suit your requirements. For instance, if you are opting for flexible pipes then you must go for the ones that have larger teeth.

Pipes Clog – Most of us encounter a plumbing issue at some point of time and hence it is wise to be well equipped with the proper tools to tackle the problem appropriately. The first and foremost tool that you should ensure to have at home is a can opener which is perfect for dealing with any sort of a clog. You can easily find many plumbing tools like pipe cutters, pipe pullers, plungers, etc. Another plumbing aid that you can make use of is a can of compressed air. It is best to use a can of compressed air when dealing with a stubborn clog. However, do not restrict yourself from using can of oxygen as it can also help you get rid of a clog.

Pipe Press Fitting Systems – In order to save time and money when it comes to fixing pipes, it is advisable to opt for the innovative pipe fitting systems that are designed for easy installation. Some of the popular systems include bent-end, straight, self-rimming and tongue-and-groove pipe fitting. These plumbing aids allow you to perform the task in an easier way and with maximum convenience. These products come with an easy to follow instructional guide which helps you to install them without much trouble. In addition to this, they are designed in such a way so that they don’t require extra work like unclogging them.